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We perform projects entrusted to us by our clients from the moment construction jobs are acquired to the technology start-up phase. The company employs a highly qualified staff of engineers, fitters and welders whose management and supervisory qualifications guarantee the highest quality services.

ProfinoxSp. z o.o. has a production facility in the form of a modern workshop where tanks, steel structures and devices that require high quality standards are prefabricated.

At the customer's request, we perform welding works with orbital welding machine, which forms connections that fulfill the highest global standards. The ProfinoxSp. z o.o. company offers assembly of carbon steel, galavanized steel and plastic.

The main scope of The ProfinoxSp. z o.o. company business is:

  • Orbital welding of pipes using the TIG method
  • acid resistant steel piping welding and assembly
  • assembly and weldig stainless steel constructions
  • production of tanks made of austentic and carbon steel
  • prefabrication and assembly of steel trestles and support structures
  • installation and equipment assembly for pneumatic transport
  • installation and equipment assembly for biofuel production
  • assembly and welding of steam lines, condensate along with distributors
  • water treatment station assembly
  • air conditioning assembly with cooling factors – glycol, water, freon
  • ventilation assembly
  • pumps, tanks, facilities assembly
  • pipe aeration in sewage treatment plants
  • bottling line assembly
  • tank modernisation and repair
  • thermal insulation installation
  • laser cutting of elements
  • machining services
  • technological and design materials of piping and electrical installations
  • design and realization of industrial automation

Profinox Sarl